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A nutritional intervention mobile application designed to assist elderly dementia patients with healthy eating.

Problem Area

Poor diet is the most common preventable cause of death in people aged 65 or older. It is responsible for more deaths globally than tobacco, high blood pressure or any other health risk.Doctors prescribe the Mediterranean Diet to their elderly patients. However, it is challenging for them to ensure a change in patient behavior as it generally requires human intervention, thus also making it costly and difficult to accommodate for a large group of patients.

Grandad and grandson

Vision - Olitor for All

Making Olitor more inclusive such that elderly people with early onset dementia can use this application for a sustained healthy diet.

Summary of Actions

Research, design, data visualization and development were completed to create a new Olitor app that is more inclusive for elderly patients with early onset dementia.Watch our video to learn more.

Literature Review
Review of prior capstone work
User Research
3 User interviews
6 Usability tests
Iterative prototyping
Design spec documents
Data Visualization
Tableau visualizations
D3 Graph
Front-end development
Back-end development


1) Users will be able to more easily adhere to the Mediterranean diet, improving their cognitive abilities and quality of life.2) Users will be able to better understand the status of their nutritional goals based on the survey results data visualization, and improvements made to the survey questions and general user experience.3) The front and back end of the app now match the refined Figma screen iterations allowing UW Nursing to test and deploy the Olitor app.

About the team -
Dog Pack

We are graduate students from the University of Washington's Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM) program, Class of 2022.Click on our profiles to view our LinkedIn pages. We'd be happy to connect and answer any questions!

Dog Pack visiting UW Quad cherry blossoms
Kimberly Lum - PM and UX Researcher
Nicholas Marangi - Data Engineer
Jayna Wang - UX Designer and Researcher
Oscar Wu - Data Analyst and Visualist
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Special thanks

We would like to give a special thanks to the MSIM Capstone team, Dr. Richard Sturman and our TA, Kunsang Choden.Most importantly, we thank our sponsors from the UW School of Nursing, Oleg Zaslavsky, Devanshi Chauhan, and Aishwarya Naik for allowing us to further the research and development of Olitor and for giving us the opportunity to make a real impact in the space of dementia and nutritional applications.

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